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The foundation of our DevOps service is automation. The Lark IT team automates your production servers and staging environments to enable a more collaborative, robust and scalable development process and to deploy your systems more quickly—all without sacrificing security and stability.

Is your business about to get real? Whether you’ve already hit that next level or know it’s time to scale, we free up your team to code new features, push them faster and spend less time debugging. Your engineers win, and so do your end-users.


  • Environment Assessment. We start with an initial assessment of your server environment (production and staging) to understand your infrastructure as well as your existing deployment protocol.
  • Strategy. After the assessment, we outline a clear DevOps strategy customized to your engineering team’s needs and designed to meet your business goals and objectives.
  • Service. With priorities in place, we are ready to work. Collectively we prioritize tasks in our roadmap and begin execution.


  • vCTO / vCIO
  • Senior Systems Architect
  • Senior Linux Administrator
  • Scrum / Project Manager


  • Better customer experience. Scale with speed so you can give your customers fast load times. Push new features to staging and production environments—and out to your users faster—with single command deployment.
  • Updated, secure environments. Your engineers can rely on our support of your IT infrastructure. We keep your environments patched, updated and adherent to security policy to reduce liability and maximize compliance for PCI and HIPAA, including Internet-facing security compliance oversight if required.
  • Easier configuration. We configure and maintain your hosting environment as well as set up and maintain deployment automation using Vagrant and Capistrano. As your project needs evolve, we make sure your hosting and deployment set-up evolves, too.

Let’s improve your time to market.

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