We currently have three positions available

Senior System Administrator • Senior Puppet Engineer• Senior DevOps (Docker) Engineer

Senior System Administrator

About Lark IT

Lark Information Technology, Inc. is based in Denver, Colorado. We are a small entrepreneurial company that provides IT consulting services for mid to large-sized businesses in the Denver metro area. We are passionate about technology, and deliver high quality solutions to meet the business needs of our clients that embrace the latest technologies. We value a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. Lark perks include a full kitchen with organic food, daily yoga and exercise classes, movie nights, and a great community of down to earth tech geeks. Other company benefits include flexible hours, company outings, and a focus on holistic lifestyle while still doing excellent work for our clients and ourselves.

Who are we looking for?

This is a posting for a senior level position. Candidates must have a wide range of technical abilities, from hardware, to application support, to networking.

Ninja level skills are definitely a top priority, but communication is the most important part of being an effective team player and client-facing senior administrator. You will be required to plan and execute on projects, meet with C-level executives frequently, research and sandbox test new technologies for our clients, manage junior sysadmins during projects and assist when they need to escalate an issue, and solve challenging technical problems on a daily basis. Striving for absolute perfection, no matter the cost, and keeping a cool head no matter how dire the situation are both good indicators that you have what it takes to be a top-level sysadmin.

Are you a match?

The ideal candidate would have a broad technical skill set and top-notch client relationship skills. We are looking for someone who is wanting to get out from behind the desk, be on the go, engaging with our clients and solving diverse problems in multiple environments. We need someone that has consulting experience, and a passion for keeping current with the latest technology.

Culturally the ideal candidate would enjoy working as a team, have excellent communications skills, not be afraid to ask for help, and want to be a part of collaborative, unique, hard working team. Someone who is good at multitasking, and thrives with a bit of organized chaos would fit well in this position.


5+ years General Professional Experience
6+ years Windows & Networking Administration Experience
2+ years Consulting Experience, including the following technical skills:

  • Data center level hardware – Servers, SAN/NAS administration and setup, firewalls, switching fabric, network hardware, phone/PBX/hosted Voip solutions, and all other aspects of high-level systems administration. If it has an IP address, we would hope that you would be able to administer it. Must be very comfortable working with data-center level of hardware (and ideally you would consider it fun!)
  • Office level hardware – IP telephony, wireless deployments and proper tuning, network architecture and security (yes, you will need to be able to create, work within, and troubleshoot VLANs). Desktop level (Windows and OS X) tasks should be easy.
  • VMWare Products (ESXi, vCenter data-centers, Horizon View, etc.)
  • Windows Server (from 2003 to 2016, all variants), and Windows Desktop Operating systems
  • General familiarity with *nix (Linux, Unix, whatever Arch linux counts as) server administration (both O/S and application/database level)
  • “Cloud” technologies – AWS hosting and routing, some O/S level web server support, Google Apps, Office 365, SaaS and other “as-a-service” implementations
  • Windows Domain proficiency is a key requirement. Proper architecture, maintenance and housekeeping, domain migrations, complete domain builds, SQL, Exchange (all versions), IIS, DHCP, DNS, File and Print server roles. Pretty much all the Windows roles and features.
  • Networking – We generally see a huge variety of networking hardware, but our shop is almost pure pfSense. We are a PFSense reseller (I think one of the only in Denver), and it is definately our preferred platform. If you are comfortable with networking, it is a cakewalk compared to some of the more convoluted firewall platforms (looking at you Juniper…) Still, it is important that you are proficient with most major firewalls (GUI and CLI based). Switching, we generally use HP ProCurve but again, Cisco, Juniper, etc. are going to be very common in the wild. VPN support, switch configuration and support, NAT/Port Forwards, multi-WAN configurations, and High Availability deployments are all things you must be proficient in.
  • General understanding of everything electrical. Bonus points if you are a true hacker and have a solid understanding of AC/DC electrical systems (usually a sign of a true geek).

What we offer

  • Great time off policy
  • Health benefits and 401k after 90 days
  • Ongoing training opportunities
  • Competitive pay and bonus opportunities


The application process includes a phone interview, aptitude test, a very in-depth technical interview, and background checks. If we’ve kept your interest, please complete this technical questionnaire and send your resume to Preface your application with a short response as to “Why you love systems administration?”, as we truly are looking for someone that loves playing with computers for a living. We look forward to hearing from you!



Senior Puppet Engineer


  • Design, deploy and configure Puppet modules in a variety of client environments
  • Maintain best practices and reference architectures of how Client applications should be deployed in various environments
  • Design, deploy and configure all components of PS solutions and software projects
  • Develop automation scripts
  • Heavy emphasis on infrastructure as code
  • Collaborate on cross-team cross-functional solutions

Skills Needed to Excel:

  • 5+ years experience with Linux system administration
  • Proficiency with Puppet Enterprise – Certifications a plus
  • Solid background in infrastructure as code
  • Working experience of Ruby, Python, and Bash
  • Experience managing Windows Active Directory and Linux clients
  • Experience managing and configuring Linux, Windows, and AIX
  • Have configured CI tools such as Jenkins
  • Familiarity with monitoring tools / Nagios
  • Solid understanding of security and systems best practices
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Provide infrastructure support and solutioning to software development teams.
  • Experience working in an agile environment


  • Application/Middleware: Work on installation, tuning and maintenance of middleware tools used to runinternal applications. Automate infrastructure and middleware configuration and deployment.
  • Windows System Administration: Win2012/2008 Server Configuration, Hardening and Support, Active Directory/Certificate Authority
  • Unix System Administration: Linux Server Configuration, Hardening and Support
  • Configuration Management: Vagrant, Terraform, Puppet Enterprise, Ansible, etc
  • SCM experience: (Git, Gitlab, Github, Bitbucket, TFS).
  • System Tuning/Security Hardening: Working with System Architects and security team totune internal and third party applications as well securing all sensitive data and systems.


Please send your resume to We look forward to hearing from you!



Senior DevOps (Docker) Engineer


We are looking for frontrunners in the field of DevOps. You may have a Software Development background, an Operations background, or you were raised in a DevOps culture from the start of your career. The field of DevOps covers a wide range of organizational design, process design, and information technology engineering.

  • You live and breathe the DevOps/Continuous Delivery mindset and culture and will passionately evangelize and mentor client teams to shift their mindset and thinking.
  • You write code and will roll up your sleeves to pair program will software developers when needed. Let us know what your favorite language is: Python, Golang, Ruby, Shell Script or something else?
  • You are intimately familiar with leading open source frameworks and tools and can work with software development and operations teams to enable DevOps automation ranging from Git, Jenkins, Docker, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Selenium, xUnit, and others
  • Innovating and extending LEAN framework, Agile and DevOps Methodologies customized to specific client context to help them operationalize a new way of working at scale
  • Lead day-to-day pilot team implementations with clients and provide a diverse set of Agile and DevOps coaching services ranging from project management, requirements, design, development, testing, environment management, change and release, and support


  • Languages: Go, JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Databases: MySQL, InfluxDB, Cassandra
  • Engineering tools: Ansible, Puppet, Bootstrap, Jenkins, Github
  • Runtime: Docker, Kubernetes, Angular, Prometheus, Elasticsearch
  •  Clouds: OpenStack, VMWare, AWS, Azure, Google


  • 8 + years software development experience
  • Experience designing and deploying production-grade software
  • Experience with object design
  • Experience writing distributed systems
  • Experience developing in different compiled languages such as Go, Java, C++, and C
  • Experience scripting with JavaScript, Python, or Bash
  • Experience with web application development using HTML, CSS, and Angular
  • Experience with data transport using XML and JSON
  • Experience developing and debugging software on a network stack IP, TCP, HTTP, REST
  • Experience using SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Ability to navigate and administer Linux operating systems
  • Understanding on how to scale server-side applications depending on load
  • Demonstrated application of software engineering best practices
  • Experience working on Agile teams, specifically using the Scrum method
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Willing to take ownership of problems and see them through to resolution
  • BSCS or comparable background


Please send your resume to We look forward to hearing from you!